Danske UFO beretninger 2000-2023

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Based on the data, it seems like most sightings are short-lived events, often witnessed by just one or two people. The sightings are more frequent in the third quarter of the year and often occur around late evening.

Months with the most sightings:
November (354 sightings)
Year with the most sightings:
2008 (63 sightings)

So, November in the year 2008 had the highest number of UFO sightings in the dataset.

Total sightings 3,236


Here are some patterns and commonalities that stand out in the dataset:
Duration of Sightings
Most events are quite brief, with the mean duration being around 5.75 minutes
Common durations reported are "5 min" (140 occurrences), "10 min" (127 occurrences), "1 min" (120 occurrences), and "2 min" (113 occurrences).
Number of Witnesses
The most common number of witnesses is 1 (1,487 occurrences), followed by 2 (892 occurrences).
Time of Year (Quarter)
The third quarter of the year has the highest number of sightings (1,049 occurrences), followed by the second quarter (769 occurrences).
Start Time
Common start times for sightings include "22.30 DST" (51 occurrences), "23.30 DST" (37 occurrences), and "22.45 DST" (37 occurrences).