These are a few of my personal projects.

UFO sightings in Denmark

Interactive map of 20+ years of UFO sightings in Denmark. Data from Sufoi

Mord i Rum Sø (Årets podcast 2016)

Two journalists investigate a mysterious story from 1975 about the inventor Egon Ploug and his tragic and bizarre demise. Ploug disappears from a passenger ferry traveling from Esbjerg to Harwich in England in the summer of 1975.

Trivialradio - First Danish Podcast (2006-2007)

Trivialradio is a podcast about growing up as a challenged and neurodivergent person in the 1990s

Genes of Fury

Instrumental music

Situational Cinema

Find movies based on your life situation
A gpt for Openais gpt platforms

A community platform for sharing what you're currently enjoying, free from feeds or algorithms, with membership capped at 150 for a more intimate experience.